CoE in Political Thought and Conceptual Change


The guiding principle of the Centre of Excellence in Political Thought and Conceptual Change (CoE PolCon) is thinking, reading and analyzing phenomena politically. The concept of contingent activity and the contested, controversial and historical character of concepts serve as the heuristic core of the studies conducted within the Centre, which provides an organizational framework, a locus of intellectual encounters and discussions as well as an administrative basis for its members and the research teams. The research proper is conducted by the individual scholars and through their mutual co-operation within the research teams, administratively located at the Universities of Jyväskylä and Helsinki.

The Centre is divided into three reserach teams: Political Thought and Conceptual History (led by Kari Palonen), Politics of Philosophy and Gender (led by Tuija Pulkkinen) and Politics and the Arts (led by Matti Hyvärinen).
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