Conceptual, procedural and normative dimensions of biocultural conservation

  • Fernandez-Llamazares Onrubia, Alvaro (Projektinjohtaja)

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There is a global overlap in the geographic distribution of biological and cultural diversity: areas hosting most biodiversity are also known to have the highest diversity of indigenous groups. In view of this, there have been several calls to promote biocultural conservation approaches sustaining both biodiversity and indigenous cultures. Yet, we still do not know the effectiveness of these approaches in buffering biological and cultural diversity losses. Focusing on Amazonia, one of the global hotspots of biocultural diversity, I ask: How much biodiversity is governed under direct indigenous stewardship? Are Amazonian indigenous lands effective at protecting biodiversity? Is the conservation effectiveness of these lands linked to the cultural vitality of indigenous peoples? Is there a global policy framework around biocultural conservation? I will apply cutting-edge geospatial analytical methods to answer these questions and offer timely input to the Global Assessment of IPBES.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/09/201731/08/2020