Critical Perspectives on new technology use, Kenya

  • Tufte, Thomas (Muu)
  • Nielsen, Poul-Erik (Osallistuja)
  • Gustafsson, Jessica (Osallistuja)
  • Muilho, Abraham (Osallistuja)
  • Kivikuru, Ullamaija (Osallistuja)

Projektin yksityiskohdat


With researchers from four Nordic countries and Kenya, this research project examines the patterns of new media appropriations by ordinary citizens in rural and semi-urban areas in the Global South and the implications of these on different processes of social change in the region. In doing so, the project aims to specifically achieve the following three things:
a.) Provide an empirically-grounded and Nordic-led search for cross-disciplinary and cutting-edge responses to the theoretical and methodological challenges in understanding contemporary new media appropriations and their implications for social change in the Global South.
b.) Offer empirically-grounded reflections that can inform Nordic development policy especially with regards to issues like the opportunities; challenges and prospects of ordinary citizens’ appropriations of new media platforms in the Global South to exercise civic agency; (re)claim their rights and alter lines of political; social; gender and generational inequalities.
c.) Deepen collaboration among Nordic researchers interested in examining the role of media in processes of social; cultural and political change and provide empirical research from the Global South that speaks into existing Nordic-based research on these themes.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/01/201401/07/2016


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