Curiosity and Interest in School Context

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    Curiosity, sensation seeking, interest, and intrinsic motivation are closely related concepts and are said to have very similar positive effects on learning, especially on its quality. The main purpose of the research project is to clarify the concept of curiosity. Schools of thought in psychology have different, often hidden assumptions and implications. Thus, the meaning of the term curiosity also differs in these communities. Despite varying definitions of curiosity, a common view is that curiosity is on the other hand a disposition and on the other hand an aversive state of subjective uncertainty. However, a large number of scales measuring curiosity and related constructs have been developed. Thus, the question arises whether several different kinds of curiosity exist or whether the problem is terminological and whether these different scales actually measure the same kind of curiosity. The aim of the research project is not to find common definitions for the concepts curiosity and exploration but to investigate and understand how the common conceptions of curiosity and exploration overlap, how they are similar and how they differ. Conceptual analysis techniques and structural equation modeling have been the main tools of this research project.

    List of Most Recent Publications:
    Byman, R. (2016). The Development of a Gender-Free Curiosity Inventory. Manuscript submitted for publication to Personality and Individual Differences.
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