Digital library services and automated library system

  • Helminen, Päivi (Principal Investigator)
  • Tuominen, Kimmo (Projektinjohtaja)
  • Assinen, Pauli (Projektinjohtaja)
  • Tewelde Yigzaw, Samuel (Muu)
  • Desbele Hagos, Beletse (Muu)
  • Kifle Taddese, Rediet (Muu)
  • Marja, Hirn (Muu)
  • Näveri-Ranta, Hannele (Muu)
  • Keski-Nisula, Pasi (Muu)

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Kuvaus (abstrakti)

The Digital Library services project will respond to the need of research, teaching and learning materials in Eritrean higher education institutes. The project will improve library services and access to information by equipment upgrading and the library and ICT staff training at the Eritrea Institute of Technology (EIT). Although the project focuses in the Eritrea Institute of Technology, allthe Eritrean HEIs benefit from the project as the learning outcomes and experiences are further disseminated to other HEIs.

The project activities include various training activities: exposure and benchmarking visits in Finland for library and ICT staff, consultation and training visits in Eritrea, dissemination events in Eritrea and ongoing online training and consultation program throughout the project. Equipment upgrading is a prerequisite for the improved access to digital and printed scholarly material. The main aim of the project is that the EIT staff and student actively use the library resources and are satisfied with the content and usability (interface, searching and browsing functions) of the Digital Library, the library catalogue, and the library circulation system. Through interactive and user-engaged methods, students and teaching and research staff will be engaged to develop digital library services further.
Lyhennetty nimiDigital library
Todellinen alku/loppupvm26/11/201531/12/2017