Doctaral Course "Applied microeconomics with focus on censored models"

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The course is a 30 hours course on applied microeconomics that concentrates on cross section and panel data model with special emphasis on censored model.The course focuses specifically on cross section and panel data methods. Population assumptions are stated separately from sampling assumptions, leading to simple statements as well as to important insights. The unified approach to linear and nonlinear models and to cross section and panel data enables straightforward coverage of more advanced methods. The topics covers truncated models, censored models, panel models,nonlinear cross-sectional models, sample selection models, dynamic panel models.

The teacher is Jeffrey M. Wooldridge, Distinguished Professor of Economics at Michigan State University and a Fellow of the Econometric Society. in the USA (he has agreed). His book "Econometric Analysis of Cross Sectional and Panel Data" is available

The course is jointly organized by University of Helsinki, Department of Economics and Management (Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry), MTT Agricultural Economics and the Finnish Doctoral Programme in Economics (FDPE),
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