Eating and Energy Use Reconfigured? Disruptions and Novel Transition Pathways in Food and Energy Systems

  • Apajalahti, Eeva-Lotta (Osallistuja)

Projekti: Tutkimusprojekti

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In order to develop the current understanding of reconfigurations required for altering the patterns of production and consumption, this research project brings together sociotechnical transition and practice theories and connects them in a novel way with the analysis of institutional disruptions. The consortium analyses two transitions-in-the-making: the reduction of meat consumption for a more sustainable food system and the development of technologies for a fossil-free energy system.
EE-TRANS focuses on the emerging transitions in these two systems, and aims to develop middle-range concepts in understanding how consumption and production are or can be reconfigured or disrupted for sustainability transitions. Researchers: Eva Heiskanen, Senja Laakso and Mari Niva at the University of Helsinki, together with Minna Kaljonen (consortium leader) and Paula Kivimaa at the Finnish Environment Institute SYKE.
Lyhennetty nimiEE-TRANS
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/09/201831/08/2022