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The Long-Term Ecosystem, critical zone and socio-ecological Research Infrastructure (eLTER RI) is in the preparatory phase to be formally implemented as a pan-European Research Infrastructure. The eLTER RI will comprise about 200 eLTER Sites and eLTSER Platforms from about 20 participating National Research Infrastructures (NRIs) and national networks. Understanding the critical and increasing pressures for ecosystem structure and functioning requires high level scientific research with coordinated and holistic approach and collaboration across Europe. eLTER PLUS will develop concepts for ecosystem and socio-ecological system standard observations and analyses, encompassing biological, geological, hydrological and socio-ecological perspectives. It will pilot data flows, create tools for site and platform owners to improve their operations, and engage with the society in large to address questions related to, e.g., climate change, sustainable use of natural resources, biodiversity and food security.
Lyhennetty nimieLTER PLUS
AkronyymieLTER PLUS
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