Exposure to greenery and noise in active travel environments: opportunities for making cities pleasant, healthy and sustainable

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Urban green infrastructure contributes to pleasant and healthy urban environments. Green and pleasant environments during travel, including commuting, can encourage active travel such as walking or biking. However, there is a research gap on the cumulative effect of greenery and environmental stressors, such as noise, on the experience of travel, especially in different daylight and seasonal conditions. This project will provide a better scientific understanding of the experience of greenery and noise exposure in active travel environments on a city scale. This research draws upon the measured and self-reported experiences of greenery and noise exposure in the street network of Tallinn in combination with spatial and audio-visual data to analyse travel via attention and emotion analytics. The results will help cities to plan and implement urban green infrastructure that supports active travel modes year round and respond to current challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss.
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