FOLAFIBRE-Aqueous processing of oats and barley...


Aqueous processing of oats and barley:
In situ enhancement of folate and associated bioactive compounds
while maintaining soluble dietary fibre physiologically active (Folafibre).

The FOLAFIBRE consortium belongs to the ELVIRA research programme of the Academy of Finland in the years 2007-2010. The concortium is coordinated by professor Vieno Piironen and it has three partners at the University of Helsinki: Food Chemistry Research Group, Department of Food Technology/Cereal Technology Research Group (University lecturer Tuula Sontag-Strohm, professor Hannu Salovaara) and Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences/Microbiology Research Group (docent Hannu Korhola).

The main aim of the consortium is to study the in situ production of folate and associated nutritionally important bioactive compounds in oats and barley raw materials using aqueous processing. Simultaneously, we will study a) the properties of beta-glucan aiming at sustaining its physiological activity and b) changes/liberation of other non-starch polysaccharides with potential physiological benefits. The latter part of the work includes further development and evaluation of a viscometric method for predicting physiological activity. We will focus on processes using yeasts and endogenous grain microbes and also study matrix-microbe interactions, which may direct the in situ processes and affect properties of the colloidal foods system.

Research of the Food Chemistry Research Group focuses on folate enhancement; possibilities of increasing total folate and changing folate vitamer distribution and stability in aqueous processes. Other bioactive compounds, associated with folate through the homocysteine metabolism, will be studied in selected steps of the experiments. Furthermore, we will also study possibilities to enhance other B vitamins, shown to be produced in fermentation. Thus, we will obtain broader knowledge on possibilities to enhance bioactive compounds by aqueous processing.


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