Forest Landscape Rehabilitation in the Mekong Basin (FORMEB)

  • Laxen, Jörn (Osallistuja)

Projekti: Tutkimusprojekti

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The project was a institutional collaboration project between UH/VITRI and National University of Laos (NAOL) and its Faculty of Forestry in particular. The project focused mainly on the provision of a training course (restoration ecology and field work) in Laos and a study tour for both Laotian and Finnish students in Thailand (one week). Some 25 Laotian and 25 Finnish students and teachers participated in the course activites. Two Finnish students carry also out their data collections for their MSc. thesis work in Laos.
My role was mainly to prepare the project document and to support the young VITRI Project Coordinator from the side in his project management tasks.
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