Från specialitst till generalist? Styrning och förändring av läraryrkets tekniska kärna och villkor.

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Comparative study Sweden-Finland: The fifth substudy will compare teacher education in Finland and Sweden. While there are many similarities between the way teacher education is organized in Finland and Sweden, there are also considerable differences in forms of control and evaluation in the school system and in the professionalization of teacher (Phil 2013). Previous comparisons of teacher education in Finland and Sweden displayed important differences, but these studies are close to twenty years of age (Ahlström et al 1995). Reforms inspired by NPM are less pronounced in Finland than in Sweden, although some influence from EU and OECD in that direction is discernible (Sahlberg 2011; Uljens & Nyman 2013). This comparative case study will focus on similarities and differences with respect to how teacher colleges in the two countries deal with teaching in didactics. What are the emphasis and general orientation of this subject? What academic competencies and knowledge is fed into the education in didactics? Can important turning points, trends and ideals be compared? What similarities and differences in networks and constellations of actors and organizations can be identified? How is the national governance of teacher education in this respect organized? How are the retrospective assessments by recent graduates regarding their preparation for the teaching Finland compared to Sweden?
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