Free Will at the Crossroads of Theology and Science

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The aim of the project is to provide a critical analysis of those contemporary theological anthropologies that seek to develop an account of free will in dialogue with the sciences, especially the neurosciences. The project will focus on two specific themes. First, how do contemporary philosophical theologians define free will and the conditions required for it? Second, how do the participants of these debates engage with the relevant sciences, especially the neurosciences? In addition, I will also seek to develop an account of free will that will, I shall argue, fulfill both scientific and theological desiderata. The project will build upon my previous research on theological anthropology and the sciences as well as my work on free will. The project is scheduled from September 2016 to August 2021 and will produce a number of journal articles and an extensive monograph on the topic. University of Helsinki’s Faculty of Theology will host the project and it will be linked to Academy of Finland’s Center of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition.
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