Functionalized Dendrimersomes for Drug Delivery (FunDendriDel)

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Ovarian cancer is a major cause of death in women worldwide. Current therapies include chemotherapeutics encapsulated in liposomal nanoformulations. However, these systems are typically polydisperse and unstable over time, which can hamper their therapeutic efficiency. We aim at assessing vesicular structures based on the self-assemble of Janus PEG-dendrimers (dendrimersomes) which were found to marry stability, monodispersity and versatility with biological function. We will assess their biocompatibility together with encapsulation of relevant drug compounds and concomitantly, select others for further chemical modification. These structures will be appended with other immune-shielding polymers, such as PMOZ, to endow them with longer circulation times in the bloodstream. The biodistribution of the modified structures and their degradation products will also be tested. We therefore expect to be the first to validate dendrimersomes as suitable candidates for drug delivery applications.
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