Geochemical study of different soil and sediment samples from Askola, Palmottu and Olkiluoto, basis for the assessment of radon

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Daniel Breitner, Lithosphere Fluid Research Laboratory, Eötvös University,
Hungary studied radon sources in different types of sediments and soils. The
research program is based on a series of case studies at undisturbed natural sites
including area with average uranium content, as well as uranium mineralization.
Presence and distribution of easily removable such as, adsorbed, ionic bound etc.
and in crystal lattice persistently bound uranium and radium were analyzed in
collected soil horizons and sediments. To separate these soil constituents, selective
leaching technique were used. Following the extraction, multiple elemental ICP-MS
and liquid scintillation counter (LSC) analyses were carried out on the leachates.
The activity concentration ratios of radium and uranium in different type of soils
and sediments indicate the behaviour of these elements during weathering and soil
formation processes. To better understanding of weathering effects on uranium
bearing minerals as a major source of persistently bound uranium, we analyzed the
chemical composition and textural relations of weathered and unaltered part of
minerals using SEM-EDAX and EPMA techniques.
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