Good(s) for Health: Personalized Health Services and Flexible Appropriation of Bioinformation

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Our research topic is management of heterogeneous digitalized bioinformation in processes in which medical genomics is translated and implemented to clinical work and health care. We also study business opportunities and commercialization related with medical genomics. The study is focused on combination and flexibility of bio- and health data in varying information contexts of research, clinical practice and biomedical business, as well as on expectations and bottlenecks of appropriation of genomic knowledge. We approach the topic from the perspective of social sciences and management studies. The research data is collected through interviews and focus group discussions of researchers, clinicians, patients, and entrepreneurs. The consortium is directed by professor of sociology Ilpo Helén (University of Eastern Finland). Other subproject leaders are professor of innovation management Hanna Lehtimäki (University of Eastern Finland) and Dr Karoliina Snell (University of Helsinki).
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