Heritage Politics and the Theory of Cultural Transmission

  • Anttonen, Pertti (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Klein, Barbro (Osallistuja)
  • Mathisen, Stein Roar (Osallistuja)
  • Hafstein, Valdimar Tr. (Osallistuja)
  • Bendix, Regina (Osallistuja)
  • Kuutma, Kristin (Osallistuja)
  • Valk, Ülo (Osallistuja)
  • Ó Giolláin, Diarmuid (Osallistuja)
  • Kapchan, Deborah (Osallistuja)
  • Pyysiäinen, Ilkka (Osallistuja)
  • Sjöblom, Tom Mikael (Osallistuja)
  • Koskinen, Inkeri (Osallistuja)
  • Aarnipuu, Petja (Osallistuja)
  • Hakalisto, Leeni (Osallistuja)
  • Gunnell, Terry (Osallistuja)
  • Schram, Kristinn (Osallistuja)
  • Rastrick, Ólafur (Osallistuja)
  • Pétursson, Jón Þór (Osallistuja)
  • Hafsteinsson, Sigurjón Baldur (Osallistuja)

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The explorative workshop entitled ‘Heritage Politics and the Theory of Cultural Transmission’ comprised of two meetings, the first on November 14-15, 2008 at the University of Helsinki, and the second, at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik on November 18-22, 2009. Thematically, the two workshop meetings concerned research into heritage production from two perspectives. The first one focused on the concepts of culture, cultural ownership, tradition, copying and copyrights, and the social and cognitive aspects of cultural transmission, while the second one was geared toward the nexus between heritage politics and questions of human rights. Both events were extremely successful. The workshop participants continue to work for a joint publication and prepare for a Nordic/international research project within the field of heritage production, human rights, and the theory of cultural transmission.
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