High Nature Value Farming: Learning, Innovation and Knowledge

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H2020-ISIB-2015-1. “Closing the research and innovation divide: the crucial role of innovation support services and knowledge exchanges”
Our consortium, an EIP Agri Focus Group and new partners, propose a network dedicated to supporting HNV farming, networking HNV areas covering a range of different farming systems across the EU, and to focusing on innovations improving simultaneously “socio-economic viability” and “environmental efficiency”. Conceived as a “support service” for knowledge and innovation exchanges, the HNV-Link network will give a decisive new impetus to this sector, and will provide tools to organisations, actors and networks supporting HNV farmlands. The marginality of HNV areas in conventional research and development means that HNV farming-related innovation is rarely discussed in academic exchanges. Our thematic network, both grassroots-based and transnational, can really make a difference, by connecting farmers and innovation actors in line with the vision of the EIP-Agri “operational groups".
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