Hydro-biogeochemistry of drained peatlands: impacts of bioenergy harvesting on trace metal transport under different hydrogeological settings (HYPE)

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The objective of this cross-disciplinary project is to increase our knowledge about the impact of harvesting of drained peatland forests on the hydro-biogeochemistry of trace metals (Pb, Cd, Ni, Cu, Zn and Hg), their mobilization and transport to surface waters. Disturbance related to harvesting can be expected to result in the mobilization increased transport of heavy metals to surface waters.

A "paired catchment" approach is used. The 8 study catchments (2-10 ha) are located in the Sotkomo area of north eastern Finland, have a shallow (1-2 m) cover of peat and are underlain by either granite or black shale. The black shale has relatively high levels of organic carbon and trace metals. The stands (Scots pine) are now ready for harvesting. The impacts of whole-tree versus stem-only harvesting and the influence of bedrock geology on the fluxes and mass balance of the trace metals will be compared. The research project also includes development of analytical methods, determination and modelling of trace metal speciation and complexation with organic matter, and investigation of the role of microbiology on the release of trace metals from peat.

HYPE is funded by the Academy of Finland. Besides myself, the research team consists of scientists from Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA), Geological Survey of Finland (GSF), Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), and the University of Oulu. The research group also has cooperation with trace metal biogeochemistry groups in Sweden (SLU) and Canada (University of Quebec).
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