Improving nutrition in Africa by strengthening the diversity, sustainability, resilience and connectivity of food systems

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Improving access to safe, nutritious food across Africa in a socioeconomically and environmentally sustainable and resilient manner is a major systemic challenge. In order to overcome the diverse challenges facing African agri-food systems, exacerbated by climate change and rapid population growth, it is essential to simultaneously raise consumer awareness about healthy nutrition, whilst enhancing the capacity of producers and food chain actors to deliver diverse, nutritious, high quality, affordable foodstuffs. The approach used in HealthyFoodAfrica is founded on five pillars: a) ten localised, context-specific Food System Labs for experimentation and innovation in regions with diverse production systems and challenges (Ghana, Benin, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya & Zambia); b) five thematic work packages for holistically addressing food system challenges (nutrition & consumption; sustainable production; postharvest; food safety; value chain governance; novel products & processes); c) interdisciplinary, multi-actor, adaptive co-management, engaging farmers (incl. smallholders, aquafarmers, SMEs, women & youth), food processors/packagers, retailers (incl. street vendors), consumers, NGOs, scientists, decision-/ policymakers; d) the use of a Theory of Change framework for transformational impact; e) dedicated dissemination, capacity building and exploitation activities for wider and lasting impacts. HealthyFoodAfrica will innovate and test technologies, practices and governance arrangements, contributing to: - More sustainable, resilient and healthy food systems for all; - Significant reduction of malnutrition (particularly children within the first 1,000 days of life); - Empowerment of producers; - SME growth; - Market opportunities (internal/export); - Reduced wastage; - Crisis situation food strategies; - 11 UN SDGs; - Partnership on FNSSA; and - Piloting of innovations with technological or societal readiness levels or general maturity levels up to TRL/SRL/ GML 7.
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