IN-SIGHT. Strengthening Innovation Processes for Growth and Development

  • Granberg, Leo (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Rantanen, Manu (Osallistuja)
  • Knickel, Karlheinz (Muu)
  • Barjolle, Dominique (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Brunori, Gianluca (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Tisenkofs, Talis (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Proost, Jet (Osallistuja)
  • Dockès, Anne-Charlotte (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Allaire, Gilles (Muu)

Projektin yksityiskohdat


The specific objectives of the IN-SIGHT project were:
To improve our understanding of innovation systems and processes in European agriculture and rural areas through an analysis and assessment of the related socio-technical structures, factors and interrelations.
To provide an in-depth analysis for three fields: agriculture and marketing, environmental technologies and rural services.
To provide a synthesis of the knowledge available on the most effective approaches and intervention tools in support of innovations in agriculture and the rural sphere.
To evaluate the adequacy of public innovation policies at European and member states level in relation to a) the new agricultural policy agenda and b) the improved understanding of effective innovation systems and processes gained in this project.
On this background, the project addressed, in rural context, the question how organisations and institutional arrangements can facilitate innovation and what innovative public policies and instruments adequately support innovation systems.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/12/200630/11/2008


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