In situ enhancement of vitamins in cereal-based foods: folate and vitamin B12


Natural fortification of foods by exploiting the potential of in situ synthesis of nutritionally important compounds by microbes opens challenging novel possibilities for improving nutritional quality of foods. Of special interest is simultaneous, tailored enhancement of components, which are associated in their metabolic roles in humans. Folate intake falls in Finland clearly below recommendations. Thus, research focusing on folate and other B vitamins, associated with folate through homocysteine metabolism, is important. Natural capacity of certain microorganisms for production of B vitamins has shown to possess potential to be exploited. Our hypothesis is that in situ production of folate, vitamin B12 and selected other B vitamins can be optimized by exploiting the potential of different endogenous and added microbes and the food matrix.

The visiting sites:
Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TIFN) in Wageningen
Laboratories of Food Biotechnology and Food Biochemistry at the Institute of Food Science and Nutrition at the ETH Zurich.
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