Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe and the Asia-Pacific

  • Rupar, Verica (Muu)

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The consortium of two European and two New Zealand journalism schools of higher education, with industry support, will develop a Joint Mobility Project, the IJI Inclusive Journalism Initiative: Reporting Europe and the Asia-Pacific. The IJI project addresses the acute need for greater inclusivity in news journalism. Students will learn how journalism can cross cultural boundaries and recognise the perspectives of others. Drawing on distinctive strengths in each country, including bicultural media in New Zealand, strong public service traditions in Scandinavia, and on the different challenges of globalisation in each country, faculty will develop collaborative curricula and pedagogies that will contribute to reforms in journalism education internationally. This includes the use and importance of social media. The exchange includes 25 New Zealand students and 25 European student students. Longer term, double degree proposals will be developed. Media partners will be drawn into the collaboration. By the end of the programme students will understand the challenges of inclusive reporting on both European and Asia-Pacific issues.
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