Innovative Sustainable Remediation

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INSURE is a four year project funded by EU through Interreg Central Baltic. The total budget of UHEL is 290 000 €, 75 % of which comes from the European Regional Development Fund.

INSURE works to decrease the impact of hazardous substances to the Baltic Sea from contaminated sites by promoting the use of alternative remediation methods over the still commonly used excavation and deposition of contaminated soils.

During 2015-2019 five pilot areas from the participating countries, Sweden, Finland and Latvia, will be investigated and tested and suitable remediation techniques developed for each site.

The project has three primary points of interest:

1. Sustainable remediation of contaminated sites

2. Strategic management methods for contaminated sites

3. Technical tools for visualization of contaminated sites

University of Helsinki, the Department of Environmental Sciences is working to design and test different remediation methods for sites included in INSURE.

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