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‘Flexible preschool and school’ is a three-year (2007-2010) research and development project funded by the Helsinki City Education Department.

The project aims to:
• Describe 1) learning environments in multicultural preschool groups and primary classes (grades 1 and 2) and 2) structures, models and instructional approaches in multicultural preschool and primary school context.

• Develope new models and methods for preschool and primary education to enhance children’s learning skills (especially social, linguistic, working and thinking skills).

• Find out working methods and remedial teaching forms to enable all children to pass on to preschool and primary school within two to four years without transference to special education.

The data was collected by applying action research approach in three specially chosen preschool-school units. In every unit there are pupils with special needs and approximately 40% of the pupils are of immigrant background. Results of the project are going to be published in January 2011.
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