JoCiTE (Joint Curriculum in Teacher Education)

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    The JoCiTE project is part of the JoMiTE initiative that has been started by the University of Groningen. The partners in this project want to establish a Joint Master in Teacher Education (JoMiTE) for secondary education in September 2010. Therefore it is necessary to develop a common curriculum, where students can follow comparable courses at different universities. The aim of the JoCiTE project is to develop this curriculum and these courses. The project focuses on the theoretical teacher education courses. The organisation of teaching practice by student teachers in different countries will be done in another project. These theoretical courses in teacher education and the teaching practice together will be 60 ECTS

    Jan Folkert Deinum, Ph.D., University of Groningen
    Contact person at the University of Helsinki: Raili Hildén
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    • Student research in pedagogical studies of subject teacher education programme

      Juuti, K., Krzywacki-Vainio, H., Kantelinen, R., Lampiselkä, J., Sormunen, K. & Vesterinen, O., 2009, Navigating in educational contexts: identities and cultures in dialogue : 14 Biennial Conference of International Study Association on Teachers and Teaching, 1-4 July 2009, University of Lapland, Rovaniemi, Finland : papers from the ISATT 2009 Conference [CD-ROM]. University of Lapland

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