Laboratory of Co-Inquiry, Co-Design, Co-Teaching and Co-Regulation (Co4-Lab)

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The purpose of Co4-Lab is to pursue a series of design experiments that engage primary and lower secondary-school students in designing and constructing complex artifacts sparking intellectual, engineering, and aesthetic challenges so as to bring elements of knowledge-creating learning and maker-culture to school. The design experiments engage participants in Co-Design, Co-Inquiry, Co-teaching, and Co-Regulation. The experiments will be carried out in collaboration with Innokas school network. Students construct artifacts by using advanced fabrication technologies as well as prevailing craft, technology education, and science lab infrastructure of Finnish schools. Students innovation processes will be traced by collecting process data (videos, portfolios, interviews) as well as pre and post-test measures. Beyond scientific articles, the project will produce innovative learning models; such pedagogies will be disseminated across schools in collaboration with participants.
Funded by the Academy of Finland (600.000€).
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  • Yasmin Kafai

    Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen (Isäntä)

    6 maaliskuuta 201811 maaliskuuta 2018

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