Learning Layers, Scaling up Technologies for Informal Learning in SME Clusters

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In the Learning Layers Project, we develop technologies that support informal learning in the workplace. Our particularly focus is on Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) within Regional Innovation Clusters. We develop mobile and social technologies that unlock and enable peer production within and across those SMEs. The technologies also act as “scaffolds” for the individuals so that they can learn in the right context and at the right time. Scaling informal learning then means that shared meaning of work practices emerges at the individual (workers and practitioners), the organisational (SMEs) and the interorganizational (Cluster) level of the network. We take a design research perspective and build open technologies so others can build on our results. For this reason, we have created an Open Design Library to involve stakeholders interested in our design ideas, and an Open Developer Library through which we showcase our prototypes and involve developers interested in our work.
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