Looking Back to Think Forward: Long-term Perspective on Crisis Signals and Resilience Building (Think Forward)

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Think Forward is a project and a network that aims to study the ways in which the resilience of the present day society is connected to the past, highlighting the need to understand the processes that have enhanced confidence or that have failed to do so. The history of Northern crisis preparedness and security of supply is a theme with both national importance and connections to current international debates in the field of history, but which we know scarcely little about. The aim of this project is to offer new, comprehensive, and state-of-the-art research on the subject. We welcome new members and initiatives related to the topic – from the point of view of resilience, preparedness, maintenance, private life, family relations, environmental and recycling point of views, diplomacy, security, &c.
Lyhennetty nimiLooking Back to Think Forward
AkronyymiThink Forward
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