Neutralizing antibodies against botulinum toxins A,B,E

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Botulinum neurotoxins (BoNTs) are among the most toxic substances known, whether of biological or chemical origin, and they are part of the “dirty dozen” agents listed as possible bioweapons. Beside voluntarily contamination, naturally-occurring food intoxications, though rare but often severe, are still encountered and intoxication due to the cosmetic use of an unauthorized BoNT has also been reported. Despite extensive research, no small synthetic molecule has been validated for therapeutic use against BoNTs, and Europe relies on an old stockpile of horse polyclonal antibodies as the sole BoNTs-neutralizing medicines. Recombinant antibodies are a highly successful new class of therapeutic molecules, produced by biotechnologies, showing an exponential-like growth. The goal of AntiBotABE is to isolate recombinant antibodies neutralizing BoNT A, B and E as these types are lethal for humans. The heavy and light chains will be targeted for a synergistic effect, thus six recombinant antibodies have to be isolated. For this project, the strategy that allowed to previously isolate neutralizing antibodies against ricin and the lethal toxin of anthrax will be re-utilized.
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