Eliödiversiteetti ja sen merkitys ekosysteemipalvelujen tuottajana

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This is a Academy of Finland -supported Collaborative Research Project between Finland and China. The main question is: Does the age of an urban park, i.e. the time that the plants (trees) and soil biota have co-evolved, affect the ability of the parks to provide ecosystem services?
More spesifically:
1) Is the strength of the plant-soil feedback system time dependent?
2) How would plant type (traits/functional groups) and their spesific rhizosphere
biota differ in respect to their ability to provide ecosystem services in urban soils
We will study the ability of the soils to retain N, P and carbon in the soil, and – using modern molecular techniques – quantify and qualify the community composition and functionality of soil microbes in several parks in Lahti and Helsinki
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