Private Agricultural Investments and Land Use Change Impact on The Adaptive Capacity of Local Communities to Climate Change in Mozambique

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Land-use changes through private agricultural investments have an impact on local communities and their adaptive capacity towards climate change in several ways. Changes in the use of forests change the livelihood possibilities and the availability of ecosystem services. In this project, the adaptive capacity of local communities to land use changes in Mozambique is studied by: 1) mapping of private investments in Mozambique 2) studying the changes in livelihood and availability of ecosystem services in the neighbourhood of selected investment sites 3) evaluating the effect of selected private agricultural investment on the adaptive capacity of local communities to climate change 4) estimating the change in carbon stocks as a result of land use change and the reallocation of local communities to new areas. The main expected outcomes of the project are: i) providing a better understanding of real costs and benefits of PAI. ii) Quantification of the impact on the adaptive capacity of communities iii) Identification of key factors affecting adaptive capacity iv) Policy suggestions in relation to the current legal framework.
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