Probes for nanodosimetry

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During the last decay, potential and effective new radiopharmaceuticals for radiotherapy have been found (molecular radiotherapy, MRT). Despite promising results, the basic knowledge of radiobiology of MRT (how these treatments work?) and which patients should be selected for novel MRT treatments is still unknown. This project aims to develop novel dosimetry methods and probes to measure absorbed dose at the cellular level. As a result, we will provide new and accurate methods to measure absorbed dose even from a single cell and help understand the biological effects of ionizing radiation.

The project is highly multidisciplinary, and we are working together with biologists, radiochemists, medical doctors, and physicists.

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The project aims to find new methods to measure how much energy a single cell absorbs from ionizing radiation.

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Based on our preliminary experiments, we have found a potential nanodosimetry probe based on the radiolysis of water.
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