Processes controlling dissolved organic carbon fluxes in boreal catchments (PRO-DOC)

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This project seeks to link terrestrial and aquatic processes of C dynamics and transport within boreal watersheds. The overall objective is to increase our knowledge regarding the factors controlling the leaching and export of DOC from different land-use (old growth forest, managed aggrading forest, drained and non-drained peatland, and permanent pasture) in boreal catchments in Finland. We are assessing the main controls behind the phenomenon: changes in hydrology, temperature, particularly the importance of freeze-thaw periods, and acid deposition loading. The character and biological usability of DOC transported to surface waters are also investigated. The project consists of controlled manipulation experiments (peat core-lysimeters subject to temperature and moisture regimes), field studies (determination of C stocks and fluxes in the Valkea-Kotinen ICP Integrated Monitoring catchment and the Pääjärvi catchment, both in Lammi LTER Area), statistical analyses of long-term and regional data, and modelling.
PRO-DOC is funded by the Academy of Finland. Besides myself, the research team consists of scientists from Lammi Biological Station (University of Helsinki), the Finnish Forest Research Institute (METLA) and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). There is also close cooperation with another Academy of Finland funded project: Processes and organisms in nitrification (Department of Ecological and Environmental Sciences, University of Helsinki).There is also cooperation with scientists in Sweden (SLU) and Japan (Kobe University).
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