The management of today’s forests is becoming increasingly complex. New objectives of the forest management are introduced, such as preserving biodiversity, sequestration of carbon, creation of recreational opportunities and hunting considerations to mention some of the more important issues. Forest management decision support systems are being developed, e.g. MELA and SIMO, with the aim to facilitate for the forest managers in their difficult task. However, to utilize all the advanced planning features of these systems, there is a prerequisite to have accurate and precise information about the resources.
Furthermore, the utilization of the wood resource is also developing towards a more intricate situation. A new assortment, wood energy, has evolved to be a normal part of the resource utilization, and the more traditional assortments are putting higher requirements on specifications of the deliverances. The forest operations and logistics are streamlined activities that require increasingly accurate, precise and timely data. Beside the physical supply chain, a progressively amount of information and data are sent between the separate actors. Hence, the functioning of the information supply chain has become decisive to the performance of the actual physical supply chain. One of the bottlenecks in the information supply chain is data about the forest, stand and trees prior to harvesting. This information is essential to fully utilize the potential value of wood and to minimize the costs of procurement. The collection of data has become more automatic, in order to get more sophisticated measures and to keep costs down. Laser technology has long been one of the most promising features to use for different measuring tasks. One example of use is automatic measuring of wood volumes on forest trucks at industry by the “Modus 2000” system which has several implementations in Finland. The need to improve the forest supply chain has also been expressed by the international, Finnish forest companies, such as UPM-Kymmene and Stora Enso.

The main objective of the presented study is to improve logistics of forest supply chain by applying laser measurements
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