Researcher Identity Development: Strengthening Science in Society Strategies (RID-SSISS)

  • Löfström, Erika (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Pyhältö, Kirsi (Vastuullinen tutkija)
  • Castello, Montserrat (Projektinjohtaja)
  • McAlpine, Lynn (Vastuullinen tutkija)

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Research has recurrently pinpointed key dimensions in the construction of new researcher identity: a) Relationships with other members of their scientific communities and the active creation of networks; b) Emotion regulation to avoid burnout and balance research and personal life; and c) Difficulties experienced in dealing with transversal and transferable skills, such as scientific writing and communication, research dissemination, and ethical competence (e.g. Pyhältö, Stubb & Lonka, 2009; Pyhältö, Vekkaila & Keskinen, 2012; Löfström & Pyhältö, 2015). The project re-conceptualizes the role and identity of junior researchers taking into account these key dimensions, and has the following objectives:1.To design, create and assess interactive on-line research-based resources to help early career researchers (ECR, including PhD students and post-doc) to handle everyday issues in interaction with supervisors, teams and communities of reference; scientific writing and production; ethics and integrity; and strategies for developing resilience and regulating emotions.2.To develop, validate and set up digital tools that contribute to develop ECR researcher identity and career trajectories through participation and networking in the scientific community.3.To raise awareness within the European scientific community of the importance of researcher identity and career development through the presence of digital tools, and to showcase and disseminate proven methodologies, tools and practices to successfully address ECR researcher challenges in advancing their careers.The project has ten main outputs, namely:O1: An explanatory conceptualization of early-career researcher paths of career development and associated conditions and variables.O2: Interactive questionnaire on Critical Incidents and networkingO3: Guide for Researcher developmentO4: Integrated Interactive Platform: A researcher like MeO5: Training course: career development/ researcher developmentO6: Training course: from PhD to independent researcher: funding projects and positionsO7: Training course: balancing personal life and researcher careerO8: Training course: researcher supervision and support: from PhD supervision to interdisciplinary researcher communities O9: Training course: how and where to publish research: from scientific publications to research dissemination and interactive research communicationO10: Training course: Ethics and integrity in supervision and researcher developmentIn Intellectual Output 10 Navigating the landscape of ethics and integrity in research and supervision a training resource is produced. Focus in this IO is on Ethics and Integrity. Early-career researchers are in the transitioning phase between student and academic, and they may struggle navigating the norms of academia, including those related to ethics and integrity (e.g. Löfström & Pyhältö 2015a, 2015b). Early-career researchers adopt existing norms, but they can also change norms, and the vital question becomes that of preparing these individuals to build a culture of integrity. After all, as future academics they need to have sufficient preparation for leading their own ethics and integrity, but also the ethics and integrity of others. The project documents and analyses the creation and application of the novel resource using a model for innovation implementation. The digital platform will have interactive features in which users can engage in construction of solutions to ethical dilemmas together. Data will be collected through learning analytics (how components of the resource are used, user interactions), communication with peers in the online environment (collaborative learning, learning of transversal competences).
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