Science - Teacher education advanced methods: The S-team project


The SiS Call identifies deficiencies in scientific literacy and STEM2 career choices,
which should be addressed through widespread dissemination of improved methods of science teaching, specifically IBST/E3. The underlying problem here is related to the engagement of young people with education in general and science education in particular. Teachers have an important role in shaping young people's perceptions of science, and need to be supported by a wide range of stakeholders in order to this. S-TEAM will mobilise a wide range of resources to provide this support. The S-TEAM project aims to address the requirements of the Call through combining state-of-the-art knowledge about science education with practical experience in teacher education. Framing the problem at a European level provides an opportunity for national expertise in science education curricula, pedagogy and practice to be shared. S-TEAM involves 25 institutions in 15 countries and provides the widest possible geographical coverage consistent with the available funding.
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  • EU Seventh Framework Programme for Research (FP7): 89 614,00 €