Sedimentation and preservation of the prehistoric lakeside site Järvensuo in Humppila, SW Finland c. 3500-500 calBCE

  • Koivisto, Satu, (Projektinjohtaja)


With this pre-project study, I aim to further our understanding about the history of a prehistoric settlement site (Järvensuo in Humppila, SW Finland, c. 3500–500 BCE) situated in a dynamic wetland landscape. The unusual preservation conditions for organic materials within this site under humid, saturated sediments yield valuable sources for investigating past populations and their environment. The existing materials accumulated via drainage operations in the 1950s and onwards and the preliminary excavations in the 80s will be thoroughly analysed, catalogued, and reported within this study, which will form the basis for the assessment of research potential and state of preservation of the site for the planning of the implementation project and archaeological fieldwork.
Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/12/201830/11/2019


  • Finnish Cultural Foundation: 28 000,00 €