Social-ecological relations and gender equality: Dynamics and processes for transformational change across scales

  • Wong, Grace Yee (Projektinjohtaja)
  • Lundberg, Aase Kristine (Principal Investigator)
  • Rivera Ferre, Marta Guadalupe (Principal Investigator)
  • Brockhaus, Maria (Principal Investigator)
  • Ville, Alizée (Osallistuja)
  • Karambiri, Mawa (Osallistuja)

Projekti: Tutkimusprojekti

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Kuvaus (abstrakti)

The SEQUAL research project addresses the call topic 3.1 Gender Dimension In Climate Behaviour and Decision-Making. Focusing on the sector of natural resource management we investigate gender differences in participation and leadership in climate related processes – everyday practices, decision-making and adaptation strategies – at all levels in society. We extend the frontiers of research in this field to a focus on why gender differences occur, how they are produced and reproduced and their social location (where). We conduct top-down discourse analysis of policy on climate change and gender equality in natural resource management across three countries, Norway, Sweden and Spain. We ground truth our policy analysis through qualitative case studies of reindeer husbandry in a Nordic border region across Norway-Sweden and shepherding communities in the Pyrenees mountains bordering Spain and France, and examine a case of how global discourses on climate change and gender are translated to national policy and governance of local community forests in Burkina Faso. We then focus on interactions between levels through comparative analysis across case studies and policy. The overall vision of the SEQUAL research project is to generate an understanding of the connections and flows of power in processes of climate change and gender relations, and address these issues as social, ecological and political processes across borders and across scales. Our research is framed conceptually as investigations of discourse (politics and power), and processes (the dynamics and effects of flows of power) between and across scales, operating in social-ecological systems.

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Todellinen alku/loppupvm15/12/201814/12/2021