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Since the middle of the 1990’s I have worked with selenium (Se) and its biogeochemistry. The first subprojects were focused on questions related to the stress-defending and growth-promoting role of Se in plants. Recent studies deal with the agronomic biofortification of Se in plant production, nutritionally valuable organic Se compounds in plant products as well as with the environmental fate of fertilizer Se. The environmentally orientated studies on phosphorus (P), heavy metals and metalloids are focused on their reaction mechanisms and on physico-chemical processes controlling their mobility and bioaccessibility in soils and sediments. The target of P studies is to develop measures to mitigate the soil-derived P loading of the surface waters as well as to control the internal P loading caused by bottom deposits. The studies on heavy metals and metalloids aim to develop feasible options to remediate polluted soil areas. The speciation-oriented studies have been undertaken to create a scientifically relevant analytical basis for the risk assessment needed in legislation on national and EU level. See the research pages for more detailed information
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