Strategic Resources in Worker Cooperatives

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Worker cooperatives are often suggested as a solution to decrease work precarity, which has been increasing since the 1980s. Especially during recent years, as platform organizations such as Uber have replaced permanent employment contracts with gig work in many industries, worker cooperatives have been continuously brought up in research and media discourse as means for people taking control of their working conditions. However, previous research presents contradictory views on worker cooperatives´ capabilities of to survive in the increasing competition. Some scholars suggest that worker cooperatives cannot build the strategic resources that are necessary for survival, whereas others have shown that in certain conditions this is possible. Very little research has been conducted on how worker cooperatives can create and manage strategic resources and the goal of Strategic Resources in Worker Cooperatives (STRAWOCO) project is to address this research gap. STRAWOCO will be conducted as a doctoral thesis project and its supervision is conducted in collaboration with University of Helsinki and Utrecht University. The project starts with a theoretical work package and is followed by three empirical work packages that examine worker cooperatives in Finland and the Netherlands using qualitative methodology.
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