The Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing

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The Artificial Intelligence Governance and Auditing (AIGA, project focuses on the implementation of responsible and transparent algorithmic decision-making, particularly artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose of the project is two-fold:

1. To explore and co-create governance practices and mechanisms that enable and support the execution of responsible and transparent AI in organizations

2. To investigate how these governance practices and mechanisms can be productized and/or servitized into commercial solutions and what kind of business ecosystem(s) can emerge around AI governance and auditing.

The use of algorithmic and algorithm-assisted decision-making is increasing among businesses as well as in public and governmental services. The widespread use, and particularly incidents of misuse3, of algorithms has contributed to increasing public awareness of the risks and challenges related to algorithmic decision-making. To address this issue, the European Commission has published a white paper delineating the guidelines for responsible use of AI.

All in all, there is an increasing societal need for mechanisms and practices that help to nurture citizens’ and consumers’ trust in the decisions made by algorithms and a need for solutions that help to achieve this objective. The AIGA project has been designed and positioned to address this issue by creating new knowledge on the responsibility and transparency of algorithmic decision-making, particularly AI.
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