The Finnish Virtual School for Science Education (FVSSE)

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The Finnish Virtual School for Science Education (FVSSE) (1999 - 2003) ( was founded in autumn 2000 with seven local authorities throughout Finland, as well as four researchers from the Department of Teacher Education at the University of Helsinki. The goal of the FVSSE is to improve learning and teaching in science through the effective use of information and communication technology (ICT). Specifically, the FVSSE shall: (i) develop new approaches for science education where ICT can be used in a versatile manner within several teaching methods, (ii) help science teachers adopt and develop pedagogical models for utilising ICT in science education, and (iii) foster collaboration between schools and university and other institutions to provide professional development opportunities for teachers. Two-day contact meetings twice a term, and computer conferences between the meetings were selected as the main working models for the FVSSE. There are several scientific papers being written with the aim of clarifying the effectiveness of the project, i.e. such research questions as: “What was the reality of using ICT in science education in the beginning of the FVSSE?”, or “How has the reality changed during the FVSSE?”. Financing, altogether 270, 000 €, for the FVSSE project was obtained from the National Board of Education and the municipalities concerned.
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