The narratives of hardship and glory: gender dimensions of stoneworking in Northwestern Russia

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The project analyzes gendered historical narratives on stoneworking industry in Karelia in Soviet and post-Soviet period. It will result in an in-depth study which questions the established view on mining as a highly masculinized industry. The project is based on two months of ethnographic fieldwork conducted in the Republic of Karelia in summer 2019 which includes interviews with current and former mining workers in Prionezhskii district of Karelia as well as the analysis of local newspaper materials of Soviet and post-Soviet period. The project addresses the current gap in academic studies of gender, environment and technology in historical narratives and illustrates the importance of gender research within the field of environmental history. It also contributes to a larger field of environmental history of European and Russian North.

Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/06/201931/10/2019