Tracing Interactions and Mobilities Beyond State Borders: Towards New Transnational Spaces (BORDERSPACE)

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The project examines how novel big data sources allow us to reveal cross-border mobilities and interactions of people in the global
world, with a particular focus on the people who cross state borders to perform their daily life practices. It contributes both to the
literature on transnationalism by revealing new understanding about transnational people and functional cross-border regions, and by
investigating the role of these new emerging transnational spaces in European spatial planning. By taking open science and big data
analytics at heart, the project provides: (1) enhanced concepts and methods for human mobilities studies to understand individual sociospatial
interactions across state borders; (2) evidence-based knowledge about emerging functional transnational spaces and daily lives of
transnational people; and (3) information for policy-making and indicators to evaluate the effectiveness of cross-border policy
initiatives and progress towards EU's spatial planning goals.
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Todellinen alku/loppupvm01/09/202031/08/2025


  • Academy of Finland: 438 874,00 €
  • Academy of Finland: 194 955,00 €
  • University of Helsinki, Helsinki: 83 555,00 €