Translationally active and inactive ribonucleoprotein complexes and their importance in potyvirus infection

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Academy of Finland 2016-2020
Potato virus A (PVA, genus Potyvirus) is a significant potato pathogen worldwide. In this project we shall investigate the viral ribonucleoprotein complexes channeling PVA RNA either to PVA-induced RNA granules or the protein synthesis machinery and their importance for potyvirus infection. We expect to produce unique in-depth information of the factors required to achieve active viral translation, which is a key element for successful RNA virus infection. Our intention is to investigate the role of viral translation in potyvirus resistance to support knowledge-based resistance breeding. The aim is to integrate the obtained data into in silico and mathematical hierarchical models of potyviral infectious cycle to provide a holistic description of the interaction between viral RNA and proteins and host factors, and explore how the effect of local interaction spreads out along the entire host networks.
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