Types of problem gambling

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    The project is funded by the Finnish Foundation for Alcohol Research.
    Typologies of problem gambling are commonly based on the individual and his/her psychological characteristics. The individual’s character traits are taken as part of a permanent personality. Such a view, however, disregards the embeddedness of the personality in its social context and its alterability. It also neglects fluctuating intensities of excess in problem gamblers’ gambling activity.
    This study approaches problem gambling by looking at the characteristics of the gambling activity rather than at the ones of the gambler. It aims at constructing a typology based not on who the problem gambler is, but on how he/she gambles and how this activity is connected to its environment and context.
    This study conducts in-depth interviews with problem gamblers. The analysis puts emphasis on interviewees’ descriptions of the corruption of their gambling activity and the turning points towards problem gambling. The study combines the findings of the in-depth interviews with an analysis of focus-group interviews with recreational gamblers. This data is ready available. An analysis of governmental documents complements the establishment of a problem gambling model, which accounts for the gambling activity and its embeddedness in a certain environment and context.
    The contribution of this study is to give a voice to problem gamblers and their own view of their problem gambling. In comparison to previous research, the focus on the gambling activity its environment and context offers a new way to understand, identify, and prevent problem gambling. Finally, this study questions the postmodern focus on the individual.
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