Puun diterpeenit - uusi strategia biofilmien vastaisten yhdisteiden keksimiseen

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Biofilms cause biofouling, biocorrosion, machinery damage, corrosion and product contamination that give rise to constantly vexing, energy losses and expensive economical problems. Biofilms on the surfaces of floors and counters hampers sanitation difficult in food preparation areas. From the human health perspective biofilms are regarded as reservoirs for pathogenic organisms as they are implicated in several persistent diseases such as otitis media. They are primarily responsible for a myriad of hospital-acquired infections. This project aims at design and synthesis of new biofilm-affecting, preventing and eradicating compounds. The focus will be on the use of common by-products and side streams of the Finnish forest industry that could find applications as biocides or new disinfectants strategies. The starting substances are an industrial-grade resin acid and coniferous resin extracted from immature cones as well as their
major diterpene constituents.
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