Perspectives, built on personal knowledge and experience, influence the way we see the world and interpret information. Successful collaborations between those with different perspectives are powerful, often generating innovative ideas. However, perspective diversity can also make communication difficult, which may delay progress and reduce the quality of results. Typically, solutions focus on improving communication between the scientific community and other stakeholders. However, using structural topic modelling and interview analysis, we demonstrate that diverse perspectives exist within interdisciplinary scientific teams as well. We identify and describe different perspectives regarding “risk,” a core concept within an operational interdisciplinary scientific team. These included different conceptualizations of risk and various risk-related interests. However, quantitative risk analysis was the greatest source of perspective diversity within the team. We argue that scientific teams must first bridge these perspective gaps within their ranks, improving their internal communication, before they can clearly and actively communicate with society.
LehtiOne Earth
TilaJätetty - 12 syysk. 2019
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