A Platform for Mobile Social Media and Video Sharing

Jari Multisilta, Sari Östman, Marko Suominen

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In this paper, we present the Mobile Video Experience (MoViE) social mobile service that enables users to create geotagged video clips and community-created video stories. The MoViE is designed to be used with mobile devices, and it supports user-generated tags, tagspaces, geotags, remixing of community-created clips, multiple-choice queries and moderation. It can be used, e.g., as a video publishing and sharing service, or at schools as a service for reporting field trips using class-created video clips. In this paper, we present the concept of a tagspace, i.e. a new method to give different meaning to same tag words in different contexts. MoViE was piloted during Pori Jazz 2008 festival with 16 users. The users were given directions for recording, sharing and remixing videos in ways that aimed to support digital storytelling and sharing experiences. After the experiment, the users were interviewed. We claim that when users are experiencing an event, they have to have a common ground for creating shared experiences and for representing these experiences as a video stories based on the clips the community have cocreated. The concert experience as such was not enough to create the common ground that would support users to share their experiences.
LehtiInternational Journal of Arts and Technology
TilaJulkaistu - 2012
Julkaistu ulkoisestiKyllä
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